Christopher K. Atkinson

Software Developer, Epic Systems

Formerly Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota, Morris

You can contact me by emailing christopher.k.atkinson@gmail.com.


Nontechnical explanation of research: Research Description (pdf).


  • Guts and volume for hyperbolic 3-orbifolds with underlying space S³ with Jessica Mallepalle, Joseph Melby, Shawn Rafalski, and Jennifer Vaccaro. Topology and its Applications, Volume 243, 1 July 2018, Pages 100–113 arXiv link
  • The lowest volume 3-orbifolds with high torsion with David Futer, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 369 (2017) 5809-5827, arXiv link
  • Small volume link orbifolds with David Futer, Mathematical Research Letters 20 (2013), Issue 6, 995-101, arXiv link
  • The smallest Haken hyperbolic polyhedra with Shawn Rafalski. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 141 (2013) 1393-1404. arXiv link
  • Two-sided combinatorial volume bounds for non-obtuse hyperbolic polyhedra Geometriae Dedicata, Volume 153, Number 1, Pages 177-211 (2011). arXiv link
  • Volume estimates for equiangular hyperbolic Coxeter polyhedra Algebraic & Geometric Topology 9 (2009) 1225-1254. arXiv link
  • Slides, pictures, and miscellany

    Fly around in the smallest volume orientable hyperbolic 3-orbifold: Click here!

    Slides (pdf) from 2016 talk on "Guts and volume for a certain family of hyperbolic 3-orbifolds" at the fall 2016 Central Sectional Meeting of the AMS

    Slides (pdf) from 2016 talk on "Hyperbolic 3-orbifolds with high torsion" at "Advances in quantum and low-dimensional topology" conference at the University of Iowa

    Slides (pdf) from 2014 talk on "Small volume link orbifolds" at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Seoul.